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New Light Image of Daniel Possible Meaning?
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New Light Image of Daniel Possible Meaning?

Good morning all! :grouphug::hibye::heartbeat:

Well, I was just reading some of the second link br. bangalore put up about the 'new light' ... didn't finish reading it as I decided to take a quick peek at the scripture itself and do some reasoning on my own!

Well, in my quick thoughts I come up with something pretty radical, hence my decision to put it in this section as no doubt I will be thought of as quite 'loony' if someone wants to read my meanderings ... all of which are totally open to being shot down as I haven't even finished my initial thoughts but thought I would put it up here for 'analysis' ...

Here is where I am so far and nothing is of course 'written' or 'thought' of 'in stone' as our true understanding is not able to done until the 'time of the end' and 'in the end' all of our reasonings may be far from what we can come up with now ... :blush::thinking:

Anyway ... here goes nothin ...;):whistle:

I will just put up my 'thoughts' and if anyone wants to have the 'definitions' I can put them up later ... this way makes for a hopefully 'shorter' reading for ya'll ...! :giverose:

What if this ‘image’ is NOT referring to various world powers but just ONE THING … a FALSE KINGDOM


This wicked spirit being has longed for a kingdom of his own has he not … one in which he hopes will prove fertile and spread over the entire globe, filled with his ‘children’ or ‘seed’.

Could the description of this image show the characteristics of this false kingdom?

The 'bright image’ that the king saw was terrible … or SNAKELIKE … thus perhaps picturing the ‘original serpent’ being in control or the ruler of this ‘kingdom’?

The ‘head’ seems it could refer to the ‘ruler’ himself or the ‘sum’ which can mean the ‘height’ or ‘completion’ of something, or something that is ‘organized together’ for a purpose. So if indeed this image is representative of a ‘counterfeit kingdom’ then it would have a ‘ruler’ and a ‘purpose’ and it would be something to ‘imitate’ the ‘true light’ but the light that it would shed would be a ‘false’ one.

The ‘arms’ which denote ‘strength’ could show that this false kingdom would be a MIGHTY and POWERFUL one …

The 'belly' seems like it might denote the ‘heart’ or the ‘purpose’ of this kingdom … maybe its ‘hidden agenda’ so to speak … and since this image’s appearance was TERRIBLE and would cause such emotions as to make one afraid, or fearful, as well as the fact that it also has a ‘slinky’ connotation … thus showing perhaps again the idea of the ‘original serpent’ and his cunning and intelligence, this ‘kingdom’ (if that is indeed what is represented) would be a VERY BAD thing!

Then we come to the ‘thigh’ and a word that is used only in a figurative sense and means to be able to have the power of generating , propogating, originating or producing something, (the kingdom perhaps?) and which could perhaps apply to the ‘ruler’s helpers (invisible spirit creatures) and its physical or human followers and/or worshippers.

I also find interesting that the 'leg' not only denotes something as ‘running’ or moving showing perhaps its progression or maybe ‘time’ of ‘ruling’ … but that it could also mean ‘overflowing’ as in ‘water’. If indeed ‘water’ is also implied by this vision, then anyone who would drink of it would be ‘poisoned’ by the ‘venom’ that would come forth from its ‘head’ wouldn’t it … it would by ‘dry like dust’ and just as unappetizing rather like the ‘food’ that the serpent’ was cursed to ‘eat’ all its days.

Then we come to the ‘foot’ of the matter. What I found very interesting about this word is that the Hebrew word for ‘foot’ doesn’t necessarily mean the literal ‘foot’ at the bottom of our bodies.

Rather it can mean something quite different!

Since this passage of scripture is written in a figurative or euphemistic way I would think that we need to look beyond the organs described to see their deeper and figurative meaning perhaps?

The Hebrew word for ‘foot’ can also mean a euphemism for the pudenda.

I had to look up what that meant and found myself surprised to find that it meant a person’s external genitals, especially that of a woman. Also of interest was that the organs being spoken of were in particular in reference to the sexual reproduction of the person.

What this could mean could vary.

Is there going to come a time when the spirit creatures will seek to ‘join’ with man again, perhaps this is in reference to the ‘feet’ being made of TWO DIFFERENT things … ‘iron and clay’ … ‘iron maybe representing something ‘stronger’ (spirit beings?) and the ‘clay’ representing thngs of the ‘earth’ (man?)

Or ...

Could it also symbolic of the ENDURANCE or TIME that this ‘false or imitation kingdom’ will ‘rule’ or ‘reign’?

What I also found interesting in light of what I have just been quickly looking into is that the ‘stone’ which strikes this image doesn’t go for its HEAD … which one would think would be the ‘obvious’ place to strike as it could cause instant death.

No it instead goes for the FEET!
Showing that the destruction of something not good is not going to endure forever but will come to swift and complete end!

In light of realizing that the feet 'could' represent something UNNATURAL (again spirit and human copulation) and/or its ‘fertility’ or ability to ‘endure’ this to me could make much more sense!

Anyway, enough for now I guess ...

Told ya you'd think I'd gone nuts ... but these thoughts just came to me out of the blue and I just wrote them down a quickly as I could, I feel I am not done yet ... but didn't want to keep on going as I am probably waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off track here ... and I have to go pick someone up as well!

So, jump on me ... I really don't mind for I wouldn't want to say something or think something that was totally wrong or insane!

Thanks to anyone who decided to read this ... and look forward to any input at all ...

Luv as always, your ever researching and thinking BR :sheepy: :bouncyhearts:
08-08-2011 11:42 AM
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