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another happy new year wish to you all
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another happy new year wish to you all

On the Fulcrum

Another year has come and gone;

Many opportunities have flown, while left undone.

I stumble along trying to recall the resolutions of last year

And wonder if I kept even one.

O we labor to accomplish a single good deed,

But find, that like Paul, it’s our faults that succeed.

At least we have hope, just knowing that he struggled the same way too.

Our world now is tottering on the fulcrum of fear

As we face what we’d like to call a ‘happy new year.’

Will our new leader find some semblance of order?

Will terror’s promoters pass over our borders?

—and everyone wonders about the big three;

Will they stay above water or sink down beneath?

Now who thinks about Jesus and remembers His plea?

“In spite of it all, will you just follow me?”

Missiles and hand-guns and some new influenza;

Tsunamis and war zones and foes who’ll befriend you.

The News Anchor smiles while delivering the blues,

And the general consensus is that each day we lose—

A bit of the grip that we thought that we bore

As our fearful world crumbles each day a tad more.

But He said to lift up your head and rejoice;

A difficult saying or a wondrous choice?

Remember this world, in the good Book is spoken

Of as being controlled by a dark prince who’s choking

Us off from the light at the tunnel’s far end,

From the love of a Savior and valuable friend.

The dark clouds have gathered! The thunder is rumbling!

The wisdom of men is now slowly succumbing,

And the hope that He promised is just peeking through;

With great patience behold it; it will surely come true!

© j a hanning – December 2008

01-08-2009 02:49 AM
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Older Still and Aging

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RE: another happy new year wish to you all

Happy New Year?

They'll gather together with whiskeys and beers
And wish one another a happy new year
And as they get drunker their prospects grow brighter
It’ll last them for hours, but it’s no overnighter
For once the fog has been lifted and reality sets in
They’ll find that they’re still here surrounded by sin
Locked in their crumbling world’s demonic haze
Stumbling about like an animal— crazed
With the political circus now in full swing
What kind of a happy new year will it bring
As they slug one another in place of a hug
Bobbing and weaving to miss flying mud
O, if they would listen to the Word of the Book
Take their eyes off the world and give Jesus a look
And see what grand prospects transport them His way
In a kingdom of light where all children can play
Where there is no danger of passing-by-strangers
Who lurk in the bushes, these life re-arrangers
Where lions and lambs both will lie down in view
With no eating of passersby here at the zoo
Yet these bold politicians take that great name in vain
As they fill bills with pork and bring nations more pain
The dying and suffering is not likely to end
Till the players take notice that the Lord does intend
To bring them to bowing on knees ‘fore His face
And force them to notice the depth of His grace
Then their words that were swollen, seeming so influential
Will prove hollow and empty and non-consequential
“Be still and know I am God”, they will hear
And they’ll no longer wish for a happy new year
For in His blessed kingdom all years will be blessed
Amid time never ending in eternal rest
We’ll eventually lose track of how many have passed
Living in the realm where life will ever last

© j a hanning – December 2007

01-05-2010 11:52 PM
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