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What Matters
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What Matters

What Matters

There was a time I thought I knew
A world so black and white,
But what I knew became untrue
For all my hateful spite,
Because my eyes were young at heart,
And saw just what they thought
Were visions of a world apart
From where my soul was bought;

So who am I to judge this world,
Pretentiously so made,
For it does serve a demon hurled
To earth with shield and blade,
To war with all those who are meek,
Whose mouths with truth impart,
All whom with knowledge, wisdom speak,
The circumcised of heart;

So do not judge your fellow man,
Contentiousness is bleak
Upon all those who think they can,
Without their conscience speak,
For I was young and I was bold,
And with much venom struck
The unenlightened of the fold,
Wherein the lambs did suck,

And thus I sought to be so right,
I held back not my scorn,
For I would scorch all hearts contrite,
With whom their children mourn,
Yet now I know that I was wrong,
Succumbed to selfish pride,
And so I sing a different song,
The truth will yet decide,

What matters is, just one will bring
Relief to those maligned,
Before him all the angels sing,
His judgments to be kind,
And thus he may reprove us all,
And bless what we condemned,
For in him it will stand or fall,
What matters in the end.

"What cannot be understood is no object of belief.” Isaac Newton.
"The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false face for the urge to rule it.” H. L. Mencken
01-07-2010 02:57 PM
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