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A New Lion Is Ready To Be Born Into The World!
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RE: A New Lion Is Ready To Be Born Into The World!

New Heart Wrote:
This reminds me of you Abe...since you have never once talked lightly of the dreams I have been given from God.

New Heart,

Dreams and visions are never once spoken lightly of in the bible except on one occasion that I am aware of.

In fact they play a very significant role in God's purpose.

Human beings dream.

If we were created by God in such a way that we dream then in my opinion those dreams play a purpose in our lives.

I don't think God created us in a way where we dream just to simply entertain us or himself.

I think we need to pay attention to our dreams.

In Christ


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06-16-2011 03:18 PM
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RE: A New Lion Is Ready To Be Born Into The World!

Abe's right, NewHeart, that wasn't fair. :(

I don't have significant dreams or visions(except for one time, which I guess one would call a 'vision', but it was for me at that moment... :) ). That doesn't mean others aren't supposed to have 'em - we certainly don't all have the same gifts, do we?
I've prayed about this - it concerned me that I didn't enjoy something of that nature as some others did... and it came to be my understanding that, even though it's not the way God uses me, He uses us all in different and unique ways. And also, every message that is from Him might not be directed to us, personally - maybe it's for someone else!

The only thing required as proof of it being from God and not self or another influence - is that it glorifies Him. I guess that's the main reason I'm so sensitive to those 'preacher-posers' that make it all about them and what they think they know. Every one of 'em says it's a message from above, but stop and think who gets the notoriety - and when they're inevitably wrong, Who's Name is shamed? But I digress...

I do think we need to be careful in interpreting dreams and visions, and not rely on our own personal view - to ask a few trusted others what they think is always a good idea, so we're not only seeing it from one angle. Much of our dream state deals with and reflects things that are going on in our real lives and may not be what they appear to be at first glance. Iron sharpens iron!


:heartbeat: You are my friends! I don't think it just by chance, but by God's Grand Design, that He has guided both our steps... to let your paths cross mine. :heartbeat:
06-16-2011 11:18 PM
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