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What I Want
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What I Want

You ask of me, what do I want
Within this selfish heart,
And though I try to tell the truth,
The truth pulls us apart—
For what am I but just a man,
You see with withered flesh,
While deep within this heart of mine,
My spirit grows afresh?
And yes I want so many things,
And yes I love you more
Than all the hearts that yearn for love,
Beneath creation’s door,
I am but just a speck of life,
Upon this earth so grand,
Who wants for nothing but a world
That all can understand,
And all the love that makes it turn,
And glow with radiant light,
While you and I share just one heart,
And all our human plight;
So treat me kindly, treat me true,
And love me for the time
We have these moments that we share,
And let love grow sublime,
For love is not a windy thing
That blows from caverns grim,
But grows upon the greater good
And buds upon the limb
Of plantings from the One above,
The One who is to come,
Who loved the world and all within,
Not just the favoured some,
For true love grows just as a tree
And lives for righteousness,
Upon an earth built out of love,
For all its blessedness.

"What cannot be understood is no object of belief.” Isaac Newton.
"The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false face for the urge to rule it.” H. L. Mencken
07-14-2011 10:14 AM
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